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Healing for the Holidays: An Evening Celebrating Women's Recovery

Safe Project and Bright Story Shine have teamed up to offer a couple resources for women in recovery that lead up to a free virtual event: Healing for the Holidays: An Evening Celebrating Perseverance, Connection and Hope in Women's Recovery.

I'm offering a series of 3 Resilience-centered Video Discussions that anyone can watch leading up to the event including:

(1) The Science of Trauma

An in-depth (but accessible) look at how trauma impacts the brain and other parts of the body. This is for anyone interested in learning more about what trauma does to the brain in order to prepare for creating healthy coping strategies.

(2) Practical Tools for Building Trauma Resilience

A series of basic tools that can help women in co-occurring addiction, mental health, and/or trauma recovery build resilience.

(3) Setting Healthy Boundaries.

A discussion on creating healthy boundaries and why this is important for women in co-occurring recovery.

There's even a Facilitator's Guide (below) for small groups and recovery homes.

Healing for the Holidays_Facilitator Guide-1
Download PDF • 721KB

REGISTRATION IS FREE AND OPEN TO ALL (and geared to those who identify as women in or seeking recovery) and by signing up, you get FREE ACCESS to all the videos and other content.

Visit for details and to register.

To learn more about the incredible work of SAFE PROJECT, visit them here.


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