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Join the Celebration, Shine Your Light.

This International Women's Day on Tuesday March 8th 2022, women from around the globe are meeting virtually for an historic event.

The inaugural Women's Global Recovery Roundtable will be a day to celebrate and shine a light on women’s addiction and mental health recovery. We will join women all over the world to:

(1) Bring awareness to issues specific to women’s addiction and mental health recovery

(2) Highlight organizations supporting women’s recovery

(3) Provide opportunity for discussion on women’s recovery topics

We have an amazing line-up. I am humbled and honored and in awe of the way the women’s recovery community has come together for this event.

If you haven’t yet, take a moment to scroll through the main event speakers. These are your sisters in recovery.

The event will also promote language accessibility by offering a live translation in Spanish, along with breakout rooms for discussion at the end of the event in both Spanish and Portuguese.

I’d like to share a moment about how this gathering came to be.

It all started with a conversation.

About a year ago, was talking with women across the US about how I was feeling. As a recovery advocate, I started to notice something: many of the things that I’m experiencing as a woman in co-occurring addiction and mental health recovery—or have experienced—aren’t being talked about. There wasn’t a seat for me at the table in many spaces, or for many of my sisters in recovery.

Issues specific to women like the need for recovery support services that offer childcare, safe places to share about trauma and sexual violence, platforms that celebrate specific recovery pathways, issues that BIPOC women face and more--these conversations weren't happening. In a way, I didn't feel supported to express my thoughts or engage in women-specific advocacy.

The more I started sharing about what was going on with me, something interesting happened: the more other women started opening up to me about their own stories. And their desire to come together as women to share, learn and celebrate each other.

The Women's Global Recovery Roundtable is happening because of women that have stood up and said yes.

Yes, I want to be a part of women’s recovery.

I want to share what works.

I want to learn more about how we can all support the diversity of women’s needs across a beautiful spectrum of recovery.

Thank you for coming to the table. For pulling up a chair and sitting down.

This is our table.

Let’s share. Let’s shine.

Interested in being a partnering organization? Contact me and let's chat!


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