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Reflections on Self-Love from Dr. Zoe Shaw

February is the month we express our deepest expressions of love, admiration and devotion to the ones who take space in our heart. How often do you consider yourself when you think of those who you love? If you are like most people, not often.

This month, let’s redirect some of that affection back to yourself. Your relationship with yourself is the crucial foundation for all of your other relationships in your life- even your relationship with God.

Throughout your life you may have received messages that programmed you to dislike yourself or told you that your needs were a burden. This month, recast those messages into a unified voice that shouts: My needs are a beautiful, necessary expression of my humanity; they are important, and I will never silence them again.

Sometimes you need to shout, internally or otherwise, to start believing in something healthier. This month, make a declaration to love yourself well.

Make a list of all the things you love about yourself. If you’re struggling to start, try this reason as number one:

I love that I care about myself enough to keep seeking the help and support that I need to stay healthy.

How do I know that’s true? Because you’re reading this right now.

It’s okay if loving yourself feels challenging at first. Every self-care act, big or small- whether you believe it or not- will prove to you that you are worthy of loving. Your mind believes what you tell it. Tell it you love yourself today.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Dr. Zoe Shaw

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