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Research Methods For Business Students 7th Edition Pdf Free Download keijess




This book has been designed in a manner that will explain the basic research techniques in an easy to understand manner so that even a business student can use the techniques and apply them to the business research project or dissertation. Case studies can be used as research tools for the project and require students to perform certain tasks. For instance, in the case study student must be able to choose and justify a suitable method of data collection, interpret the data and provide a summary of their findings. I have divided this chapter into two different types of projects. Case studies as part of a research project where students must show their academic prowess by analysing case studies is described first. For the second type of case study the student is asked to analyse a business situation in the form of a case study. These case studies can be analysed in three different ways. The first way is the analysis of a case by its cause and effect relationship. Students need to search for factors that have led to a certain situation and the factors that could have influenced that situation. A second method is the analysis of a case by its uniqueness and a third method is the analysis of a case by comparing it with other cases. This chapter has a unit on the internet with students asked to complete a task on the web and collect relevant information. The unit also includes the use of information, interviews and surveys.Q: Is Perl's access function faster than traditional Perl File::Copy? I have a Perl script that copies a few hundred files at a time, and a previous Perl programmer suggested I make a copy() method on our FileHandler object (a wrapper around Perl's File::Copy) to cut down on processing time. Is the access() method faster, or is it just as fast? A: The reason to do that (call File::Copy rather than use it directly) is because the File::Copy module will cache the result of the copy operation. It will use a FS cache if available. If you are only caching the result, a constant-time result is far more important than any time saving. As it stands, your program will have to go through the work of doing the actual copy every time, even if it could find a way to fetch the result from the cache. If you plan to support other platforms than Mac OS X, you should also look at the Alias::File module. File::Copy can be used like an "alias" module, it just looks at the destination file name as



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Research Methods For Business Students 7th Edition Pdf Free Download keijess

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