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What Does it Mean to be Resilience-centered?

Join Caroline Beidler, MSW as she guides you with practical tools and her own experience in co-occurring addiction and trauma recovery.

The Science of Trauma

Caroline provides an in depth look at how trauma impacts the brain and other parts of the body using accessible language. She brings in personal examples to highlight the transformation possible when symptoms of trauma are addressed. This webinar is for anyone interested in learning more about what trauma does to the brain so that we can work to create coping strategies to address it.


Practical Tools for Building Trauma Resilience

Caroline walks through a series of basic tools that can help people in co-occurring addiction, mental health and/or trauma recovery build resilience. She brings in real life examples from both her personal life and professional work with women in recovery.


Setting Healthy Boundaries

Caroline explores the topic of creating healthy boundaries and why this is so important (and tough) for women in co-occurring addiction and trauma recovery. She gives the audience the opportunity to set a commitment to work on specific areas in their own life. Caroline then walks through specific ways that healthy boundaries can be set and maintained.

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