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Bright Story Shine is a storytelling platform for women that celebrates stories of recovery and resilience.

Together, we explore topics like addiction, mental health and trauma recovery.

Bright Story Shine features a collection of stories from women that bring hope, increase awareness and provide the

space for dialogue on important issues.

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Welcome to Bright Story Shine

I'm so glad you're here! Bright Story Shine is a place where we can share our stories. I'll be offering free content, like PDF Downloads and Video Info Sessions, that help support personal recovery and also helpful tools for people working in the recovery field.

A Little More about Me
Caroline Beidler, Managing Editor

I’m a grateful woman in recovery and the Founder and Managing Editor of this awesome story-telling platform. Another hat I wear (and there are many, usually baseball caps) is Director of Creative Consultation Services, LLC., a business I started that focuses on creating sustainable addiction recovery support services at the local, state, and federal level. I have a BA in English (2004) and an MSW (2016) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and am the past Director of Wisconsin Voices for Recovery, along with a past founder and Director of ED2Recovery, a nationally recognized program that connects peers (people in recovery) with those who need support. Through program development, grant administration, speaking engagements, media appearances, and writing, I’ve worked hard to fight the stigma around addiction and other mental health issues so that more people can get the support they need. I’ve also worked with legislators, non-profits, universities, federal agencies, and (a lot of folks) to create innovative models that empower communities and people in recovery. I’m very grateful to be a recent addition to the team of writers for The Grace and Grit Project and my writing has also been featured on Bright Story Shine, In the Rooms, The Addiction Technology Transfer Center/NIATx Blog, and The Fix. My lovely family and I live in Tennessee where I love hiking in the mountains with my husband, chasing around my two-year-old twins, Henrick and Violet, and hanging with my neighbors.  

Connect with me at https://linktr.ee/Brightstoryshine or @bright_story_shine or https://www.facebook.com/brightstoryshine or brightstoryshine@gmail.com