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Free Toolkit: Ways to Avoid Virtual Recovery Burnout

Learn practical tips on how to avoid virtual recovery burnout. Helpful for anyone in or seeking recovery who might be needing to energize their virtual recovery.

Guided Writing Prompts: 7 Days of Guided Reflections on Love

Join a 7-day guided reflection on love any time of the year by accessing this free resources. Great for processing in a group setting or with a trusted friend.

Free Toolkit: Coping Strategies for Living a Resilient Recovery

Learn more about coping strategies to promote resilience in recovery. This toolkit is helpful for anyone in or seeking recovery from addiction and other challenges.

Free Toolkit: Benefits of Living a Creative Recovery

What are some of the benefits of living a creative recovery? What is a creative recovery? Let's explore this together!

Resources for Recovery Professionals

Peer Support Professionals, Counselors, Advocates, Administrators and All Y'all

Why Self-care is Important to for Recovery Professionals

Free access to my recent keynote presentation for the Wisconsin Voices for Recovery ED2Recovery Peer Conference that includes tips on how to prioritize self-care while support the recovery of others.

Info Session #1: Practical Tips for Building Community

Learn 10 ways to build community in the recovery space. This presentation is for anyone who works in the recovery advocacy sphere or who wants to build community around an idea or vision to ultimately help support more people find and sustain a meaningful recovery.