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Bright Skills Group for Women Coming Soon!

You may be thinking: Am I ready?

Should I join the free Bright Story Shine skills group? Will I belong? Will I have to share about things that I’d rather forget?

I’d like to encourage you that if you are asking these questions – this might be right where you need to be.

Trauma can be anything that has impacted your life. The last year has certainly been traumatic. You don’t necessarily have to have lived through something like sexual assault, although this is certainly something that might have happened to you (as it did me). Some research indicates that more than 80% of women with addiction issues have experienced some type of sexual violence in their lifetime.

I want you to know that it’s okay if you are unsure. Honestly, I’m unsure, too. I’m nervous about opening up this part of me and sharing it with you. Sometimes, I’d rather keep it all in the dark (even after over a decade in recovery).

I get it.

And I respect where you are.

I respect your journey.

The choice is yours.

You could even sign up anonymously and have some funny Zoom name like “Mr. Big” and not say a word (sorry for the reference, I’m re-watching Sex in the City for the 3rd time).

Where ever you are in your journey, I hope that you will consider it.

Want to talk more or ask questions about this free offering? Feel free to contact me anytime!


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